Routes for the 450/550 Using MapSource

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Routes for the 450/550 Using MapSource

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The Zumo 450 and 550 have been a problem child ever since Garmin advised that they should not be used with BaseCamp. I just updated my PC (WIN10) to the latest CNNA maps, 2021.20, and ran into a brick wall trying to get my routes to run properly on my Zumo 450 and 550.

I'm no expert, but I'll summarize my findings. This is based on the several different tests that I ran and they are my observations. Corrections from others are welcome.

SOLUTION: In MapSource place each shaping point just after the intersection where a turn is required. Once the route is imported to the Zumo 450/550, edit the route on the Zumo and recalculate it using the Shortest Distance option.
The details are below.

BASECAMP: I was really hoping that BaseCamp could be used. I could keep all my routes under the same software. NOPE. When I tried BaseCamp, almost all of my shaping points (Don't Announce) were converted to Via Points. The Zumo was calculating distances to each Via Point and announcing all of them. It was too much for me. Back to MapSource.

MAPSOURCE (First Attempt): What I found with MapSource is that the Shaping points will get transferred to the Zumo 450/550 as a Shaping Point but only if you place the point exactly at the intersection. When you look at the route, the description of the point has to say X St and Y St. If it does, then the route in the Zumo will follow the Shaping Points and only announce each turn. However, since they are all shaping points (except for the start and end) they will “disappear” if you recalculate the route. All my old routes were prepared this way, I even turned off the recalculate option so I wouldn't destroy a route. But, my routes under the new map release had some random straight lines on the screen at several intersections. I couldn't determine any underlying reason for them appearing.

MAPSOURCE (SOLUTION): I redrew my routes in MapSource, but this time I placed each of my points just after the intersections where a turn to a new road was required. So, instead of X St and Y St, the point is described with an address – 1234 X St. With this placement, each point is treated as a Via Point on the Zumo 450/550. The Zumo displays XXX Rd to YYY Rd., and then Turn Left onto YYY Rd. When the turn is completed, the Zumo quickly displays the Via Point and then as soon as you pass it, the upcoming street is displayed (or just Southwest on YYY Rd.). This seemed okay, except that the random straight lines appeared on these routes too. But, on the Routes List, if you Edit the route, you can choose Recalculate. I tried this, choosing the Shortest Distance option. Since all of my turns were Via Points, the route recalculated with no changes, and the mystery straight lines were GONE. And this edit of the route is saved. Once you recalculate the route, it remains modified until you delete the route and send it to the device from MapSource again.
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