Reversing Route

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Reversing Route

Post by exmx »

While following a route using Tripplaner, half way through I had to turn around and head back home. Is there a way to reverse the route from the point reached? I opened "Trac Back" and "Where I've Been" to no avail. (Trying to avoid NYC traffic)
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Re: Reversing Route

Post by rbentnail »

I've never figured out how to reverse a route effectively on the 595 while on the road. But it's something I would not do anyway and I highly recommend you don't either. Here's the trap......

I copied and reversed a route in Base Camp one time. What a disaster! You see, Base Camp does not move the points. It leaves them exactly where they are. So if a point is on the eastbound side of a divided highway, on the return trip the route will take off the westbound to run over the point on the eastbound side then route you back around to the westbound. You can see what a giant PITA this can be if you have multiple points "over there".

SO my solutions, I have 2:

- make a JIC (Just In Case ;) ) reverse route with Base Camp and put in in my device. Note the Base Camp difference between the COPY and DUPLICATE commands;
- use the device to make a route.

All that being said, if you want to give it a go, there might be a way. What gps model do you have? I can speak for the 595, someone else might be able to help with another.
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Re: Reversing Route

Post by patrickg450 »

save the "active" track, use a specific name. go to the track and open it up, follow the line backwards....

they say you can shave it as a trip, then open the trip up and do the same.