Roads closed - they're not

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Re: Roads closed - they're not

Post by rwiles »

I ride in the Florida Green Swamp. Often I will find my way into the forest and then ask for a way out. The XT will often not let me use roads that appear to be headed in my direction. Upon inspection , I saw a banner on the XT that said Seasonal Closures. Sure enough, I went by those roads from another direction the gubbermint gates were locked.
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Re: Roads closed - they're not

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I can't hold of Garmin... no surprise there.
Yesterday I headed out for the day using a predefined route, within 20 miles it was telling me roads were closed and to go another way (no prompts), I stuck to my route and no roads were closed, just some regular road works.
I ended up turning traffic off on the XT, then my day went perfectly.
Where does Garmin get it's useless traffic info from?
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Re: Roads closed - they're not

Post by sussamb »

I've always found it pretty reliable, including during 1000s of miles in France. I did once experience a closed road when it wasn't on an autoroute in France, but otherwise nothing.
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Re: Roads closed - they're not

Post by Exurban »

I’ve found it to be helpful and mostly accurate with some exceptions. I’m not sure how and by whom the data gets assembled and updated but Garmin’s site says:

“Traffic alerts come from a traffic data collection system that analyzes traffic flow data collected from more than 2 billion observation points every month:

data from millions of Garmin device owners
data from millions of cellular phone owners
incident reports
radio feeds of live information
news stations
historical traffic data from HERE Traffic Supply
historical traffic data from Garmin device owners
fixed traffic sensors on major roads giving extremely accurate traffic reports...”