Music does not show up in Media Player

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Music does not show up in Media Player

Post by TheOldPerv »

I've tried in the root/MP3
I wanted in to SD, but pit it there in root, then also tried the sd\root\MP3
Seems no place I put the music does the Zumo find it?
Thoughts? Advice?
Really wanted to copy folders with songs for a "playlist" lie
Pink Floyd
Harley Rides
With The Wife

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Music does not show up in Media Player

Post by jfheath »

'root' is not the name of a folder. It is computer speak for the main storage location. Files and folders may be put in there. Sub folders may be created in the folders.

Try creating an MP3 folder in the main area. Uppercase, with the music in that.

(Its been a while since I had a 660, but I'm pretty sure that is correct).
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