Apparently Maps expire

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Re: Apparently Maps expire

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Thanks, I'll have a look at that.

In fact I managed to fix the issue by:
1) downloading the City Navigator Europe NTU map 2021.1 map to my PC again using Garmin Express
2) importing the unlock key for the map into Basecamp from the D6210120A.gma file which was on the Zumo 590.

This seems to work - I can now run Basecamp with no errors for the Europe map, and without the need to connect the Zumo or the SD card I had copied the Zumo map to. :D

I may try the tool for the North Amercian map to see if I can install that on the PC as well.
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Re: Apparently Maps expire

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is it safe to uninstall earlier maps( Mine currently go back to 2018) from a) computer? b) devices 595 and xt.
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Re: Apparently Maps expire

Post by sussamb »

Certainly safe to delete older maps on your PC. On your device unless you've manually installed them you shouldn't have more than one so not sure about deleting from the device without some clarification.

On your PC older maps can be correctly uninstalled via Control Panel.

You will also find Express downloads the files necessary to compile the map that is sent to your device in C:\ProgramData\Garmin\CoreService\Downloads\Map

These files can also be deleted.