Cities as destinations / locations

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Cities as destinations / locations

Post by Fitz »

Playing around with the Trip Planner on the 396, I created a trip with a destination as the name of a town / village. On doing so, Zumo asked "Selecting a city will route to the city centre. Search locations in this city instead?" A reasonable question, to warn that if you don't enter an exact address / postcode / coords, it will route to what it takes to be the centre of the city (or town / village). So I answered NO, take me to the centre.

I then added some interim locations to shape the route. Again, each one was just the name of a village. For each one, as locations rather than destinations, it asks a slightly different question - "Selecting a city will stop at the city centre. Route without stopping instead?" Now it gets confusing...

Answering NO (i.e. route WITH stopping) shapes the route to include the centre of the interim locations. Fair enough. On the map the interim points are shown by orange flags.
Answering YES (i.e. route without stopping) does very strange things! After calculating the route, the three interim locations have been replaced by three other interim locations. Very weird.

Does anyone know what is the point of the "route without stopping" question and the subsequent adjustments Zumo makes to the route?
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Re: Cities as destinations / locations

Post by sussamb »

I suspect the other locations are simply shaping points but without more information or screen shots I can't be sure.