Trip not recovered after "no" recalculation answer

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Trip not recovered after "no" recalculation answer

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Hi, as I'm coming from a 11-year experience with a Zumo660 I tend to compare past an present hoping the latter is better...

Today I've noticed that the XT does not recover the trip navigation if, during a driving diversion, I answer "no" to the offer of recalculate the trip active on the GPS.
Sometimes it happens that a road is unexpectedly closed or simply a turn is missing, I'm not always replying "yes" to the request to recalculate as the results cannot fit the original trip especially when is enought turning at the next street.
In case of "no" answer the old 660 was pausing the navigation, but whenever the original track was recovered also the navigation resumed.
The XT, on the opposite, also when I re-enter on the track ignores the navigation, no next turn advice, line indicator etc. etc. just the pink line is shown.
In addition if no answer if provided the pop-up stays forever...
Have you experienced it as well, or I was able to create a toxic config parameter combination generating the issue?

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