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Re: all favourites on map

Post by V-Tom »

If you copy your waypoints over to Garmin Expore and have the Garmin explore layer selected then all the waypoints you sent to Explore will show. The downside is the icons stay large and I don't see any way to make them smaller. You can can, of course, show or not show the Explore wayponts ( and tracks, etc) anytime.

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Re: all favourites on map

Post by simoncrewe »

mastercore wrote: 10 Jun 2020 09:16
You say that you can see the favourites on the unit, have you imported into the unit?
You need to go 'where to' = 'Favourites' = top left of screen 3 horizontal lines select then import.
Hope that helps.
The points were already in a GPX file with a route
The Zumo XT made favorites out of these points.
I can navigate to individual points in favorites, but to show them all on the map is what would suite me best.

I am riding off road and these way points are often warning of danger/difficult terrain ahead.

Thanks for the tips guys
To get them to show on the map I think you will find that you need to 'Import' them in the way I described, even though they are shown in favourites. I had this problem when I sent a load of stuff to the unit when I first got it.
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Re: all favourites on map

Post by mastercore »

Guys, It has been a great experience on this forum.
All of you have been super in trying to help me to sort out my petty little issue.

I headed out on my motorcycle trip without actually doing any of your suggestions and found that the favourites were showing up on my route as I rode along. I don't know if it has something to do with actually being at a GPS coordinate near one of them that wakes up the Zumo to show them.

In any case I want to give you all a great tip of my hat in thanks for your efforts and I hope in the future I can be of equally generous assistance.

a deep thanks from a new member of the Garmin family.
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Re: all favourites on map

Post by sussamb »

I suspect then that the Up ahead layer is selected.
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Re: all favourites on map

Post by Andrew_XT »

Hi to all

I had the same necessity and i look that importing the POI list in the "Explore Waypoint" is possible show it on the map.

I think would be a great thing have the possibility to sort the Waypoint in subfolder, and in the XT have the possibility to choose wich list show.

Same things for the the Track, if i have some track in Explore but i don't wont to show it on the map?

Thank you
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Re: all favourites on map

Post by TripleThreat719 »

I utilize my XT for both on-road and off-road navigation. Having waypoints visible on the screen is critical when riding off-road.

I spent an hour and a half on the phone today with Garmin Tech Support trying to figure this out.

When I send a GPX file to the XT, it contains a series of waypoints (often times notations for gas stops, an indication of an advanced off-road section, or some other rider warning). These waypoints, have specific gps coordinates that identify their location (they are not based on a street address, so they should not be map specific and should show on the device any time, with any map), so long as you have the waypoints layer selected as visible (which I do).

I am currently in the process of double checking that the map alignment between basecamp and the XT (same map versions on both) doesn't matter.

Garmin has opened a case on this, since the XT is behaving differently than any other Garmin Product I have used with regard to the display of waypoints.

I'm on vacation for the next two weeks, so I have some time that I can spend on the phone with tech support trying to get this sorted.

Will keep you posted.
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Re: all favourites on map

Post by mastercore »

I have just returned from my tour and the zumo seemed to show the favourites ok without me needing to do any more than I had done when this thread started. I guess it is different to be playing around with the device on your table vs actually using it out on the road.

But many thanks to all of you who have chimed in to help me out