Zumo 595GPX bluetooth transfer to BMW Navigator

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Zumo 595GPX bluetooth transfer to BMW Navigator

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Hi all
Is anybody able to send or receive any files to or from the BMW Navigator? - theoretically it is the same device but both didn't see each other while I can send/recive GPX files.
I am not a technician but probably both are using different bluetooth protocol or internal softwares???
Can anybody help?
Is there a way to send /receive any files to/from an Iphone device via bluetooth? Even though Iphone and Zumo595 are connected via bluetooth I cannot sent/receive any files...
Please advise

Best regards

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Re: Zumo 595GPX bluetooth transfer to BMW Navigator

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Yes, I do it frequently when on trips with a few friends each year. I do all the route planning and send the route to their NAV V and NAV VIs each morning.

But you cannot transfer files to you phone or any other kind of device via bluetooth. The new Zumo XT model has that ability.
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