Zumo XT - A Revelation!

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Zumo XT - A Revelation!

Post by neilb »

It was delivered earlier today and I’ve spent a few hours getting to know it and I am feeling that it is light-years ahead of the 660 and 595 that I’ve used for years. Have Garmin at last come up with a device that, without actually road testing it, I am at a loss to pick holes in.

So, straight out of the box, I switch it on and am immediately dazzled by the brightness of the screen, which I have to turn down. Finger to the settings icon, to the display options and I’m totally impressed by the smooth feel and responsiveness of the screen. Running my finger over the 595 screen is like the difference between chalk and cheese. I’ve been out in the garden in bright sun and the XT screen is clear and bright whereas the 595 is its usual invisible self.

All connections to the android phone and Scala G9 headset were made without any hassle and I also installed Garmin Drive to the phone. The wireless connection was there as soon as I entered the network password. The XT prompted me to do a map and software update, giving me the usual two hours or more waiting time. Made a cuppa, bimbled around and it finished in about 30 minutes. All without any connection to the computer.

Now, would the wireless allow me to transfer routes/tracks to the XT. So, into MyRoute App on the phone, pick a route and save it to the phone. Phone gives me the option to open it in Garmin Drive which then asks me if I want to send it to the XT. And there it is as a track on the device. So easy, with just a few clicks. This, to me, is what I’ve been wanting from Garmin for years...I’m over the moon!

Now, all that remains is to change the mount on the bike....a little moan to Garmin “why keep changing the mounts?” and get out and use it. All looking rosy at the moment....hope it stays that way.

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Re: Zumo XT - A Revelation!

Post by lehug »

I do agree that it's a lot better than previous GPS.

But still, we stay far from smartphone quality experience when in comes to :
- Maps quality : Waze is better , my xt just sent me through a road that has been closed and made pedestrian 3 years ago.
- Speed limit info : Waze is better, several time the XT was wrong on the speed limitation
- Report troubles on maps/accident/speedcam : waze much better
- Searching for an address : Waze is better, faster and some places that the XT couldn't find (once not referenced, once because of minor typo from me that waze did understand)
- General smoothness : Any smartphone is years ahead
- Settings and small tweaks : XT could be more userfriendly

True, it's a lot better to have a dedicated GPS on the bike, the XT is my best experience so far, but still far from perfect. :roll:

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