Track Width - Easy to edit

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Re: Track Width - Easy to edit

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TripleThreat719 wrote: 22 May 2020 17:37 After using my XT for a couple of weeks, I decided that the width of a track, when displayed on the screen, was too thin to be able to see with a quick glance of the screen. Since I will be using the XT both for on-road and off-road navigation, tracks will be a regular part of my use.

It's pretty easy to crate a new Map Theme that increases the width of the track.

If you can access the internal storage of the XT, you will find a folder that contains all of the Map Themes. (you need Android File Transfer if you use a MAC to be able to see the internal storage on the XT (not sure about Windows).
Make a copy of the Garmin.kmtf file on the desktop of your computer.
Open that file with Text Editor
The very last entry is for Track Display - Change the scale from 1.0 to 3.0
Back at the top of the text file, you will see another field for Name - It will say Garmin - I changed mine to Thick
Save the file
I then also renamed the file to Thick.kmtf
Then you copy that new theme file into the same folder where you got the copy of Garmin.kmtf
Turn on your XT
Go to Settings
Go to Map & Vehicle Preferences
Go to Map Theme
Select Thick

Next time you open a map, it will display the track line 3 times wider than before.

Fairly easy, if you are comfortable copying, renaming and editing text files with a text editor.
Thanks for this helpful post! I went searching for how to accomplish this and found this post from Garmin, but my XT didn't offer this option! ... F5sNtlCgRA
I followed your walkthrough and yay, I now have a thick line for my tracks!!!

Thank you!!!
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Re: Track Width - Easy to edit

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With Garmin's latest update v5.9, you now have the ability to edit track width right on the device...

Just a quick note re: Track Width Feature... If you have previously modified the original garmin.kmtf and created a Thick.kmtf file and are using that theme on your XT, your track widths are modified based on the current theme settings with that new feature. So if you want to use the XT's new Track Width Feature, you may want to switch back to the Garmin Theme, otherwise your track widths will be really thick when selecting the wider or widest settings while using the Thick.kmtf theme.