Anyone find a limit of stored Bluetooth devices?

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Anyone find a limit of stored Bluetooth devices?

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Playing around with my 396 and connected BT devices.

I just have the one phone, but I have multiple helmets. I found that I could pair my phone, a moto G6, along with a packtalk bold headset, and 2 of my older Scala rider Q2 pro units.

It does a pretty good job of connecting to my phone, and any of the 3 headsets I happen to be using.

On occasion, when switching helmets, the smart link app doesn't connect, this seems to require a restart of the phone, but other than that, it seemed have no issues with music playing, or making phone calls.

Found out my phone will hand multiple GPS devices on at the same time, as well as multiple headsets. Just have to switch whichever one I want to hear as active.

Is there a limit of connections a phone, GPS or headsets will store? Not connected to at the same time, just store as a paired device?