Audio warning issue

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Re: Audio warning issue

Post by V-Tom »

For my 70 km daily commute the warning was really annoying. I have over 15 speed changes on the way to work.

I can see switching it on when I am riding away from my regular roads and am glad they gave us the choice.

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Re: Audio warning issue

Post by tale »

Necro ... I am wondering if this explains the rare and random double beep I get from my unit. Thanks to COVID I didn't ride much at all last year, but just completed my first long trip (2600 miles) of extended experience with my new XT, after having used a 665 for years and years. During the ride I would get these occasional periods where my podcast or music would cut out for a second or two then two tones then the podcast/music would resume. I'd glance at the GPS at the time and see nothing at all obvious for whatever it was trying to communicate to me.

I never thought it was related to speed zone changing, both because I have "Reduced Speed Tone" turned off and it was far too infrequent -- for a full 10 hour, 500ish mile day of back roads riding it would happen maybe half a dozen times or so. That's well, well under the number of times I'd transition from higher speed zones to lower speed ones. Having that turned on would have been astronomically annoying.

So if's not some buggy bleedthrough of this speed zone stuff, what does the double beep mean? The only other setting that I have enabled that could have possibly explained it to me was proximity alerts for the category Garmin Red Light Cameras, which is unlikely because when this happened I was typically in the back of beyond not even remotely near an intersection, much less one that had a signal light. Plus it is set for "Single Tone" and this was always a double tone.
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Re: Audio warning issue

Post by HarveyM »

If memory serves double beeps are speed cameras & red light cameras, but I may be off on that...