Northern California Hwy 36

Got an interesting riding route in the USA you want to share?
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Northern California Hwy 36

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Sorry can't give turn by turn for this route but IMHO this is one of the best motorcycle roads in the U.S. Even, again IMHO, better than Tail of the Dragon. There is over 140 miles of this great road running from Red Bluff, Calif. to Fortuna, Calif. I've ridden it east to west and there are four distinct sections of this road the gives you a great ride. First 1/4 is farm land with nice curves, next 1/4 is nice curves but with roller coast style up and down, next 1/4 is canyon riding and a start of a climb into the mountains. Last 1/4 is mountain twistes down to the coast. Ask any sport bike rider in California and they will tell you it's one of the best, if not thee best motorcycle road around. If you go, have a blast.

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