Oldest supported device

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Oldest supported device

Post by Stu »

Just out of interest does anyone know what is the oldest supported device for free map updates and also for paid updates?

Also what year was the device released?
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Re: Oldest supported device

Post by Dusty ST »

Not really an answer to the question, which would be: I don't know...but
I've got a Nuvi 360, not sure when it was released, or when I bought it, but first available on Amazon October 2001.
It still gets map updates now and then through Garmin Express.
I used to use it on the bike, and still use it in preference to the standard fit car Tom Tom, I'd also take it away on holiday if I plan to use a hire car as the world wide OSM maps work very well.
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Re: Oldest supported device

Post by rbentnail »

I have a nuvi 780 that I've used for at least 12 yrs. It was past it's prime then when I got it but it still updates maps via Garmin Express when I plug it in. I've replaced the digitizer and screen and it's slow but it still works most of the time. I still prefer it over the 595.
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Re: Oldest supported device

Post by carolinarider09 »

My Zumo 550 still gets map updates based on my Lifetime map subscription. I got mine sometime in 2008, if memory serves.

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