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HI, I've been using the tyre pressure sensors for a number of years.
Initially the first two sets were duff but replaced by Garmin.
My problem is that one of the sensors reads 80psi and when looking at the pressure graph after a run it can peak at 160psi
I have disconnected then reconnected the sensor multiple times, I've also been in touch with Garmin support for guidance and replaced the battery on several occasions,,,,,,,,all to no avail, it won't read lower than 80psi

I'm curious to know if anyone else has experienced the same problem or knows how to re calibrate the sensor.


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I have been using the TPMS for a couple years as well but no problem with the PSI. The only problem I have had is low battery warnings and having to replace the batteries fairly often. One of my four bikes is a Kawasaki Concours 14 which came with built in TPMS so I have gooten spoiled by the feature and bought the Garmin units for use on my other bikes. I should not complain too much about the batteries on the Garmin since the Kawasaki units have batteries that are soldered in. They last very long but are a real PIA to change out.