Removing residue from old trips

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Re: Removing residue from old trips

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Old conversation but I wanted to provide my findings on zumo 396.

I had a list of routes in the trip planner import list that I couldn't remove.

Not sure the exact cause, I was able to remove more recent routes but for some reason I had 4 routes that I was not able to remove. It may have been related to loading them to my SD card from basecamp originally but I need to test further.

Unsuccessful attempts
I tried deleting the routes + 'Current.gpx' & 'temp.gpx' from the GPX folder.
I did a data delete and reset through the gps menu.

When connected to the PC. There are hidden folders.
Find '.Trashes' and then 'Bin'. I think this backs up your deleted files.
Remove the contents of 'Bin'.
Remove the routes + 'Current.gpx' & 'temp.gpx' from the GPX folder.

I found a new file appeared after the reset called 'position.gpx' that I also deleted.

(I say Remove above as you may want to copy these files before deleting them but that is up to you.)
(In hindsight, I don’t think the reset was required, I now need to rebuild all my settings and bluetooth connections!!!)

Good Luck