Data Fields

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Data Fields

Post by Controlu »

At the bottom right corner of my 396 is a data field that is "Arrival Time". It appears to always be the arrival time to my final destination. Can that be changed to arrival time at my next way point? Or better yet, remaining distance to my next way point. I usually use way points to indicate fuel stops and there have been a few time where I was getting nervous. I see at one place on the web that the data fields are changeable but not a single word about which ones, how, or the options available and not a word about it in any user manual I've found.
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Re: Data Fields

Post by sussamb »

If it's changeable you should be able to tap it and bring up a list of options ... or you may have to press and hold until they appear. Also you should be able to add three further datafields to the right of your screen, press the spanner/tools icon bottom right and select trip data.