Garmin Express

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Garmin Express

Post by denny »

I clicked on a link for latest Garmin Express and I got

After installation I kept getting an error about not able to connect to background process.

I reverted to the 6.8??? that I had previously installed. I was able to download the 2019.30 City Navigator.

It installed on my Mac Older Powerbook running 10.11.6. The latest OS X that will run on this machine.

BUT when I tried to Install the maps on my Zumo 550 I kept getting an error that only said, "Unable to complete the update".
I wish I had the exact wording, I should learn by now to take screen shots of those kind of errors.

So It had deleted my 2019.10 maps from the Zumo but could not install the new ones. Man was I pissed off...
I spent the entire evening the next day getting my Zumo back to where it was.

Thank Goodness for and his wonderful collection of older GPS software.

Now I am back to Express And MapInstall 4.1.1 And I deleted the 2019.30 Maps from my Computer.

So has anyone else tried the latest maps on any Zumo's?

I'd like to hear some feedback before I jump in and try this again.
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Re: Garmin Express

Post by carolinarider09 »

I have not tried it with but did download the 2019.20 maps to my 550 using the process found here. ... 550-a.html

Its the third post on page 2.

I had no problems downloading Garmin Express to my iMac. Its a 2011 device. I have not tired to load 2019.30 maps to the 550 yet.

If you like I can give it a try and see what happens. I use the 550 in my truck so its rarely used for long distance routing.