Road Tech 665 with XM

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Road Tech 665 with XM

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I have had my zumo 665 for several years with a GXM 40 antenna. I sent the unit in to be repaired a few years ago and was sent a new unit with all the accessories including a new GXM 40 antenna. At the time I just continued to use the old GXM antenna being that the antenna is the XM part of the system. It's the antenna that has the XM ID number. The old GXM 40 antenna cable was getting a little frayed so I decided transfer my XM account to the new GXM 40 antenna. Added to my XM subscription I have NAV Weather. XM web site would not allow me to transfer to the the antenna ID because it said it did not support NAV WEATHER. So I went to Live Chat and they told me the same thing. That sent me to the support services telephone where I talked to a live person. I explained that I had NAV WEATHER as part as my subscription and was transferring my account to a new XM antenna with a new ID Number. When I gave them the number they told me that the antenna did not support NAV WEATHER. I told them it the same antenna I am currently using and in fact it does. Round and round 15 different times and the end result if I wanted to transfer to the new antenna I would loose NAV WEATHER. So, I just decided to stay with the old antenna since it still works.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Road Tech 665 with XM

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probably just another case of the who you talked to read the book and it say it's not there just keep the old
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Re: Road Tech 665 with XM

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When I bought my 665LM several years ago I had the same problem. XM told me it wouldn't work and I should call Garmin. Garmin told me it would work and I needed to talk to XM. I finally told Garmin someone had to do something about this since I was being told basically it's not my fault call the other guy. They swapped out the antenna for a different one at no charge. The new one had an ID that XM liked.

I suggest you call Garmin and tell them about your problem with XM.

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