Time Zones

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Time Zones

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When I am traveling across time zones with my 590, on the screen I can verify/confirm that the 590 does recognize and process crossing time zones. For example, before I cross a time zone the 590 will factor in the next time zone when providing an ETA and after I cross said time zone the 590 still reports the correct ETA.

However, it has been my observation (and I'm looking for confirmation or dispute from the forum) that upon completion of a trip and upon viewing the historical track data in Basecamp (specifically, the Property tab that includes a time stamp for every point or index-entry), it has been my observation that the time stamps do NOT account for time zone changes. For example, the way time zones are supposed to work is if you started at 8a, road one hour East crossing one time zone and road one more hour East not crossing anymore time zones then including the time zone change you would arrive your destination at 9a. However, Basecamp tracks would show you leaving at 8a and arriving your destination at 10a., Agree/disagree?

As an aside, if you are unaware, I have also learned that if you are in time zone GMT+0 and you rode in time zone GMT+1 then if you want the Basecamp Property tab time stamps to reflect the actual time-of-day you were riding then on a Windows computer, before starting Basecamp, you must temporarily change your computer time zone to reflect GMT+1 (the time zone you were traveling in); otherwise, all the Basecamp time stamps will be off by one hour.
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Re: Time Zones

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That used to make extra work when geotagging photos from my digital 35mm. Now with cellphones, photos may not have the depth of field but travel photos are geotagged correctly.