What XT case to get

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Re: What XT case to get

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twowheelstom wrote: 25 Feb 2024 21:14 will the XT fit in your case along with all those?
Yep, if I used it as such ;) . I don't, everything but the XT goes in there. My point was, I bought a case and haven't used it for the XT at all. It was a waste of money. I could have just as easily spent $3 at a dollar store for generic tupperware and accomplished the same thing.
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Re: What XT case to get

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My R1250RT has a quick release mechanism so my XT gets taken off in seconds and put in my top box, panniers or pocket depending. I know you can buy a lock for the quick release, but a top of the range sat-nav in full view on an unattended bike is way to much of a tempting target and the scrotes don't care if they damage the bike or the mount using force to rip off the sat-nav, so I take it off. A case to put it in, nah, never bothered. If the bike is in the garage or I'm out riding then the sat-nav will be its cradle. When I stop it's into the top box or whatever and there usually enough 'stuff' in there to stop it rattling around, not that it will as the bike is now parked up. Disc lock out, sat-nav in, it's just part of the parking up routine for me.
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Re: What XT case to get

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my amazon china made 5" gps case was delivered, the XT fits in it ok, but the zipper tab broke off lol, I can fix that with a pair of plyers
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Re: What XT case to get

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I use a generic case bought from ebay. It travels with me on holiday to take the XT whenever I'm away from the bike. For day trips I just shove the XT, without case, face down in my helmet.