XT cradle mount question

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Re: XT cradle mount question

Post by Peobody »

twowheelstom wrote: 13 Feb 2024 19:57 my ears most definitely hear a click in that video. so yours doesn't have a click like that? maybe the click one in the video is Garmin's new updated mount
Nope, no click. IFAIK, Garmin has not produced I newer mount than the one they sent me about 6 months ago which you'll see referred to as then new style on this forum. Prior to that I had the old style mount.

I just dawned on me that for the old style there was a trick of adding a piece of foam weatherstripping to the back of the cable to help insure contact with the pins. When I received the new one I saw the potential for the same problem so added the foam weatherstripping to it. It is very possible that is the reason for no click. Regardless, I always mount it and the pull on it to make sure it is latched.
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Re: XT cradle mount question

Post by twowheelstom »

I think that I have the new style cradle mount, because I hear a click, not a loud one but I can gently hear the latch click into place on the XT when I press firmly with both thumbs to secure it
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Re: XT cradle mount question

Post by danham »

You may be overthinking this. Click or no click, I give it a quick tug and pop the sling onto it. I have ridden some pretty rough roads and still have my XT after many thousands of miles on one sling.

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Re: XT cradle mount question

Post by colirv »

I just give it a quick tug to check. It's never come loose in well over 3 years, including while sliding down the road!
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Re: XT cradle mount question

Post by jfheath »

Both of mine click like that.

The audible click is not important - but that release catch springing up when you push on it is very important. If that doesn't spring up, the XT is not held in place. If it does spring up, then no amount of jiggling, pushing or pulling is going to allow the XT to escape. The XT cannot move up, down, left, right until the catch is released, which allows the top to escape from its 'square' locating plate. The catch cannot release unless it is pressed down from the top.

There are two very dark, very hard to see grooves top and bottom of the 'square' recess which is surrounded by the red sealing O-ring. If these become clogged with mud, or anything else that stops the XT from seating properly on its mounting plate, then the cacth will not spring up, and the XT will not be held in position.

And for those that try to locat the top of the XT first (Landscape orientation)... well, good luck with that. The lower groove has to be seated first.
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Re: XT cradle mount question

Post by Chopperbob »

I was concerned about that too,...

I bought the Touratech mount, which also locks it in place, you can't just take it of with out a key...
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Re: XT cradle mount question

Post by cr0100 »

I always give it a quick wiggle and tug after mounting it - if I can't pull it off with my hand, I'm not concerned about it magically popping loose later. I've criss-crossed the Rockies and all over the Smoky Mountains a couple times without a single incident.