Zumo XT cradle spacers

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Zumo XT cradle spacers

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Had a zumo xt for a while but I’m wanting to fit a set up on my second bike. I have most of the bits but can not get the washers and cradle spacers anywhere in the UK.. Garmin support have been useless 😞.. Anyone on here any idea when I can get them from .
It’s items 2 and 3 on the picture
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Re: Zumo XT cradle spacers

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The steel washers should be straight forward. The top hat rubber washers - less so. You could use ordinary rubber washers or fashion something from strips of old bicycle inner tube. They are to provide cushioning.

Failing that, silicone bathroom sealant is always a pretty good standby. Coat the thread in grease and let the sealant set around the screw. Then screw it out. But I suggest you practice on a hole of a similar size drilled into a bit of wood, and any machine screw you have lying around - to check that the idea works. I haven't done this sort of thing for a while.
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