Problem uploading a specific route to Zumo XT

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Re: Problem uploading a specific route to Zumo XT

Post by FrankB »

Thornton wrote: 17 Jan 2024 12:13 Thanks, although I'm not sure I really understand. Seems to me that ensuring Waypoints are unique in a route is more of a workaround than a feature.
Workaround or feature? Just avoid it if you want the route to import.
Thornton wrote: 17 Jan 2024 12:13 This is based on the fact I have many, many routes using the same waypoints within them (eg start/stop at same place), and also the fact the original route of this topic works fine on devices other than the XT.
Within the same route as @danham clarified.
Thornton wrote: 17 Jan 2024 12:13 Therefore, my conclusion is there is a bug in the XT which can be circumvented by ensuring all waypoints are unique within a route.
Yes it should be handled better.
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Re: Problem uploading a specific route to Zumo XT

Post by Peobody »

Thornton wrote: 17 Jan 2024 10:49 I tested it using exactly the same route as the original (problem) route. The only change I made was to substitute one of the Hollingworth Lake waypoints with a new one I created just down the road.

My new route works fine.
This is fascinating to me. We have seen cases were replacing a waypoint with a new one has fixed an import problem but, IIRC, all of those cases encountered the "Cannot calculate route" error. AFAIK, the never got so far as to create a .trip file like @Thornton is seeing. It seems that Garmin has missed something in the validity checking of .trip files that allows the creation of ones that Trip Planner can't read.
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Re: Problem uploading a specific route to Zumo XT

Post by jfheath »

Ok - I've verified @Thornton's comment.
The duplicate start and end are OK. The route transfers, imports and starts navigating Ok.

The Hollingowth lake is duplicated in the first half and second half. It doesn't like that, but if you add a separate Hollingworth Lake and use that, the route imports perfectly well - even with the duplicate start and end.

And here the issue becomes confusing. Because if you load the copy with two different entries for Hollingworth Lake onto the ZUmo screen in trip planner. Add in the waypoint for the original duplicated Hollingworth Lake and delete the slightly different one........the XT doesn't mind that there are two duplicate points in the route !! It loads and starts to navigate.

It looks like the import process is at fault.

I wonder what happens if you do away with the import process and send all of your routes to a brand new Current.gpx. It won't put waypoints into favourites. I wonder if it by-passes the 'saved' and 'imported' . Hmmm.

I'm going to try. I may be some time.

No that didn't work. It just replaces Current.gpx with an empty one.
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