The peculiar case of the disappearing tracks. XT & 595

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Re: The peculiar case of the disappearing tracks. XT & 595

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Following on from that - no flack received at the presentation. I just pointed out that many routing programs use the term to mean any point, but Garmin uses it more precisely. No one batted an eyelid.

The more I think about it, the more I think that it is likely that the GPX markup language codes was used by GArmin to define its terms.


These are the global standard terms set out for gpx file format - ( for Track, route, waypoint, RoutePoint, Trip Via Point, Trip Shaping Point )

<wpt> is used only to define the saved locations name, location and all other details associated with a saved location.
is used for all route point that form part of the route. If a waypoint was placed at that location it duplicates all of the Waypoint info including the cooridinates. But it is still a route point. It just so happens to be in the identical location with the same name and details as a saved Waypoint.
All route points are then modified with the <trp:ViaPoint> or the <trp:ShapingPoint> assignment.

So according to the gpxx file format (which all mapping programs use) - Garmin uses the term Waypoint absolutely correctly. The term Waypoint never actually appears in a gpx route. (ie between the start of the route <rte> and the end of the route </rte>. Only Via Point, Shaping Points and the gpxx route point extenion - 'Ghost Points' are shown as plotted points.

And every Waypoint is declared twice in a gpx file - once when it is first declared as a Waypoint, before the route. And again when the identical information appears in the route itself, but as a Via or as a Shaping point.

Garmin continue to stick with the use of their Waypoint - in Explore and in Tread. But the Waypoints are just places drawn on a map. The same map may have a track or a route drawn on it. But the two things are not linked in any way. Which when you think about it, is exactly how it is in a gpx file.
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