Garmin zumo XT is there a chance?

Having Garmin zumo XT problems? there is loads of help and advice in this forum
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Re: Garmin zumo XT is there a chance?

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Many thanks for the update. Glad that you are sorted. It's a pretty good deal and service / speed is impressive.

The one that comes back for me has always been as good as new. You don't always get the wiring and cradle - you use your own, but a couple of times they had no refurbished ones available or wanted to eliminate the possibility of a fault and sent back a brand new unit.

I've had 3 brand new ones.

A 550 that died and no refurbed units were available. They sent me a brand new 660. This was out if warranty so paid the fixed fee.
The same 660 started having memory problems with larger maps so I traded it in and got a good deal on a brand new 590
I've had 3 XTs.
First one died under warranty, replaced just the unit with a refurbed. XT
A fault (RUT) could not be reproduced by Tech Support. They replaced the refurbed unit with brand new boxed unit.

Each time the replaced unit has arrived very quickly, sent out the day that mine arrived with them.
So with next day delivery send it monday, the replacement arrives wednesday.
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