Big trip want to test routes

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Re: Big trip want to test routes

Post by FrankB »

@jfheath I was in doubt for a moment!

- I'm quite certain that my fellow rider has a 660 and he always drives tracks.
- Found a video by Mr Gps (Sorry it's in Dutch) The interesting part starts at 5.00 Min.
(You can even display the track on the map)

Edit: With the Zumo 220 you could not drive Tracks. With the 550, 660 and later you could.
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Re: Big trip want to test routes

Post by jfheath »

Cheers Frank.

I don't remember that at all, but clearly it is there. But - I had only a little Nokia 3310 and later a 301 'thick phone'. They were not going to be transmitting any data to the Zumo regarding traffic. Possibly those options never showed up for me, or if they did, I would have ignored them.

I did like the 660. Just a tad slow, and needed a bit more processing power and storage capacity. I've had to stop more than once to reboot it to allow the next section of map to be displayed. It behaved as if its software had a memory leak.
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Re: Big trip want to test routes

Post by danham »

jfheath wrote: 30 Nov 2023 14:31 It behaved as if its software had a memory leak.
Much as I loved my 660 and got many thousands of miles of use out of it, your description is perfect. When my 660 refused, despite trying every trick known to GPS nerds, to update its map last year, I went XT shopping and am glad I did.

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