Ferries: Does anyone have any experience?

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Re: Ferries: Does anyone have any experience?

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Taking a motorcycle like your Goldwing on coastal car ferries is pretty straightforward. I've done several similar routes in the Southeast US with my BMW touring bike.In most cases they will direct you to park the motorcycle in a designated section of the vehicle lane and you can stay with the bike if you prefer. As long as you position the Goldwing properly when docked and use reasonable caution during loading/unloading transfers, you should have smooth direct ferry crossings! It's one of my favorite travel adventures - enjoy the salt air! Let me know if any other questions come up on multi-leg journeys involving boat routes.A letter template typically includes a standard layout with placeholders for elements like the date, recipient's address, salutation, body text, closing, and sender's contact information.A notarized letter is a document that has been signed and stamped by a notary public, an official appointed by the government to certify the authenticity of signatures and document copies.
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Re: Ferries: Does anyone have any experience?

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My three ferry transits went fine but we hit an abnormally cold, windy, and rough day so it wasn't as smooth as folks have suggested. I believe the bike would have tipped over twice had I not had some of my weight on it. I was fortunate on the first one in encountering a deck hand who rides a Harley. He had me nose-up to a chalk block at the base of the boat sidewall and then he chalked the back tire. He also strongly encouraged me to stay with the bike. Sure enough, the boat pitched severely enough that it would have been a problem had I been parked parallel with the cars. The other ferries squeezed me in as the last vehicle on the boat. One of those also pitched significantly. Once was during a turn. The pitch combined with the centrifugal force of the turn tipped the bike off the side stand. I don't know if it would have gone all the way over but I'm glad I was standing right there to grab ahold of it. Two things I was grateful for are keeping the bike in gear and not putting it up on its center stand.
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