Split Screens

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Split Screens

Post by Ducatiboy59 »

Does anyone know if I can show 3D route and north up route simultaneously on the XT Might be a stupid question but would be really useful. Go easy on me as I’m a newbie on this forum and to the XT :D
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Re: Split Screens

Post by FrankB »

Not a stupid question, and if I understand you correctly, it could indeed be useful. To my knowledge it's not possible.
I often switch between 3D and North up. 3D works better if you have to follow the directions, North up is better when you have to figure out how to act in case of a deviation.

(Mounting 2 Xt's is not an option I'm afraid)

Edit: In case of a deviation I also like to look on my phone with the route loaded in Google Maps.