Garmin Drive to Garmin XT issues

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Re: Garmin Drive to Garmin XT issues

Post by lkraus »

It's not a excessive route point issue, there are only two: Home/Start and Crows Foot.

Basecamp shows the track OK, but the route is displayed as a straight line between the two points until it is recalculated.

Transferred the .gpx to my phone via email, opened with Drive, and sent to the XT, the route calculated on import. With my preferences and the City Navigator 2024.1 map, both the XT and BC are following 401, 8, and 85 instead of the smaller roads used by the track.

Converting the track to a Trip on the XT, I received a warning: "The track violates routing restrictions for driving on roads. Calculate an alternate route to avoid restrictions?" If I select No, the result matches the track. Selecting Yes abandons the track completely and uses the 401,8, and 85 route.

I don't know if that warning is because of a map mis-match, or routing the wrong direction on a one-way road, or ???

I did delete all trace of the route fro my XT and try to import the gpx via USB and File Explorer. It did fail several times, the calculation freezing at either 0% or 87%.

I don't think Drive processes or changes gpx file in any way, it just transfers the file to the XT. I think any problems will be found in the map differences or the MRA gpx.

What's up with the diversion in Fergus, crossing the river twice? Construction detour?
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Re: Garmin Drive to Garmin XT issues

Post by Highwaystar »

Thank you for looking into this for me.
I think what really frustrates me is how something can work perfectly one day and not the next.
A month ago my wife and I planned a moto trip to Florida with a few stops along the Nashville.
I have tried Basecamp but I could never get along with it. A friend tipped me off about the My Route App and it
was love at first try. I created 13 routes using My Route. I sent those routes to my Garmin XT as I mentioned in my previous post.
When I returned home I deleted those routes off of my Garmin XT. Since I have been home I created that route that I sent you which I cannot
get to load to onto Garmin XT. I then tried one of my USA routes to see...and they don't work either.
I called Garmin tech support and when I physicaly hooked up the Garmin to my PC and transferred the gpx that worked fine.
I can only guess that there is something wrong with Garmin Drive app.
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Re: Garmin Drive to Garmin XT issues

Post by V-Tom »

I haven't tried sending to the XT but looking at the route and track on Furkot they aren't the same. It looks like the route is cut off compared to the track.

Also sometimes the gps can have difficulty when routes cross themself and it looks like maybe that is what the track does (which wouldn't be an issue on a track.)