660 touch screen not responding

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660 touch screen not responding

Post by krikkit »

I have a 660 that I bought in 2010, it has worked fine until last year.
Occasionally the screen will not respond to inputs. It might work properly for months before this happens.
On power up the safety warning is displayed but touching the "I agree' field does nothing. After a certain time it will progress to the 'Where to' screen but still not respond to touch. If left on, it will display the map, shows me where I'm at but I can't input anything.

I have attempted the screen calibration by forcing it into that mode (hold the right lower corner of the screen while powering up) I'm able to tap the dot and it moves to the next position, but I can chase that dot forever and it never finishes the calibration.
I've also done the screen calibration when the GPS is working properly, but at some point when I use it later it will act the same, no response to screen input.

Is this a screen digitizer issue or a software glitch? I've messaged Garmin, they tell me they don't support the 660 any longer and I need to replace it.
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Re: 660 touch screen not responding

Post by jfheath »

Hi and welcome.

There are three things that I can think of that are simple and worth checking for nothing.

1. Does the screen have a screen protector on it ? IT might be time to change it or remove it.
2. Clean the screen - get rid of dirt, grease (from fingers). Glasses cleaner fluid is good, but detergent or methylated spirits / alcohol is good too. Polish it clean.
3. Is there anything else touching the screen ?
4. Ok I can't count. Is it warm ? - eg has it been kept over a radiator, in a pocket. Temperature can affect my current screen. I cannot remember if it affects the 660.
5. Remove the SD card if you have one in. If there is an SD card in place it will try to access its contents. If the SD card is faulty, it will still try to access it and that takes processing power - something that the 660 can ill afford to spare.
6. Close it down, remove the battery, (Or keep it off) for a couple of minutes - does the 660 have a removable battery ? Ic annot remember). Put it together Start it up again. Why? Its a bit like the solution to most early windows problems. I was convinced when I had my 660 that it had a memory leak. It would fail to display the screen / map properly when I had been on a long ride. A memory leak is when a particula rpart of its programs needs some memory to perform a particular task, so it reserves it. When the task is complete, it is supposed to give it back so that other procedures can use it, but for some reason - bad prrogramming, unforseen events (ie bad programming) the memory hasn't been returned.

These may not work, but they are all worth a try. They are all issues that have created weird screen behaviour on various Zumos, and they are free and quick to carry out.
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Re: 660 touch screen not responding

Post by Snurrepus »

Hi. I have an old 660, too. And i love it!!
I nearly bought an xt2 a couple of weeks ago, but after reading about it in the XT2 section on this forum, i will keep my 660 going until the "children's diseases" are solved.
I had the same problem with the screen. And it also was very blurred.
The solution was to buy a replacement screen from AliExpress.
You need some very tiny screwdrivers (and reading glasses), but it's not difficult.
There are instruction videos on Youtube.

Good luck.
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