Matching BaseCamp settings

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Matching BaseCamp settings

Post by Bear »

I run BaseCamp on two computers, both running under Windows 10. Using a shared database (in my case inside a DropBox folder) works fine but is there a way to make both invocations of BaseCamp use the same settings (speeds, avoidances and the like)? I spent a long time yesterday with the two computers next to each other matching things manually and really don't want to do it again if I can help it.
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Re: Matching BaseCamp settings

Post by Rofor »

Here's a Windows script, which saves the user- and the standard-profiles!

When you run the script the first time, while pressing 's', two .reg-files ('bcprof_s.reg' and 'bcprof_u.reg') will be written to the same directory, where you've executed the .cmd file. You can write back this two files with the Basecamp profiles with starting the .cmd-script and pressing 'r' - it will than read those two files and write it back...

Simply copy the .cmd-file and the two .reg-files to your other pc and perform a restore...

This script isn't done by myself, i found it some years ago in a german newsboard (maybe 'Naviboard') and been using it for keeping my settings equal on my pc and my laptop!
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Re: Matching BaseCamp settings

Post by FrankB »

@Bear @Rofor

The script is useful. But as I found out it does not save everything. An example is the setting 'User Databases'. I use several databases, you can edit the names and locations in 'Edit/Options/General'. These settings are not saved in the registry, but 'somewhere' in %APPDATA%, in an XML file called user.config. See the screenshot.
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