Zumo XT acquiring satellites

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Re: Zumo XT acquiring satellites

Post by danham »

Here are the reasons I can think of for the GPS failing to lock on satellites.

* GPS has moved a considerable distance (and/or it has been a long time) since last satellite lock.
Cure: let it sit for a long time with a clear view of the sky.

* Satellite almanac is corrupted.
Cure: do a master reset and take it outdoors to get lock.

* satellite positions in the sky are temporarily unfavorable.
Cure: this is rare but can happen when too many sats are low on your local horizon. Wait a few hours.

* GPS receiver is faulty.
Cure: repair or replace.


PS: one more thought. What do you see when you press the satellite signal bars in the upper left corner? Does it appear to be trying to acquire?
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Re: Zumo XT acquiring satellites

Post by MichaelT »

Thank you . As we are touring Europe the day after tomorrow , I went to Garmin HQ in Southampton. After some reluctance to look at the zumo XT they kindly found someone to review the issue. They identified that a problem occurred when loading an update and the new files were incomplete due to the lack of wifi so no maps were reloaded. It was a problem with the Wifi at the Air B&B. I’m sure this is an issue in many country areas. Unfortunately the GPS failed to say that the download was incomplete, I think the GPS should highlight the problem to enable users to restart a new install when there is better internet service. Garmin HQ do not want visitors but i had little option due our travel plans. So I give them a big tick to enable me to use the gps on my KTM 890. Thanks for everyone’s communication. Cheers M