Basecamp on iPad

For any questions and tips and tricks on how to use Basecamp for MAC then please post in this section.
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Basecamp on iPad

Post by carolinarider09 »

I saw this question on another forum and thought I'd ask it here. The question had to do with Bestbuy selling a 9th generation iPad for $249.

Seems like a good deal but the next question was "can you run Basecamp on an iPad? I don't think it's possible since I have always envisioned iPads and just bigger iPhones. But thought I'd ask here and see if anyone had a firm answer.

It would make for a more compact "road" computer but...... only if it can do the stuff you need.

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Re: Basecamp on iPad

Post by danham »

Definitely will NOT run Basecamp. But, if your GPS can use Garmin Drive, an iPad can perform some useful functions.

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Re: Basecamp on iPad

Post by Zumek »

And if you learn how to use sites like,, iPad becomes very convinient trip planing tool :)
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Re: Basecamp on iPad

Post by rbentnail »

Or, with a little practice, you can quickly and efficiently make routes right on the gps itself and leave all that crap at home 8-)
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