Weird Routing Behaviour (2)

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Re: Weird Routing Behaviour (2)

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Thanks for that Frank.

That method used to work for me too. In fact just resetting Explore used to work.

And then it didn't. I remember being in discussion with @fatfeet about it. He said it was necessary to completely uninstall Drive as well as resetting the explore database.

I used to be able to get it to work just by resetting the Explore database. There had to be a difference.

In my testing of RUT behaviour and broken track logs, there was a question mark over my XT unit - which had been a refurbished replacement following the sudden death of my very early model.

So they replaced it with a brand new unit. It didn't cure the track log or the RUT issue, but shortly after, I noticed that it was behaving exactly as fatfeet had said. My method wouldn't get rid of Explore.

It seemed to, but about 5-10 minutes later it would silently reconnect, and all of the Explore menus were active again.

So it had to be either later hardware, or later software. Whatever, drive has to lose all of its information about how to communicate with Explore, and so far, the only way I have found on this new unit is to completely uninstall the Drive App, and download it again.

Tested only on Android.
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