How can I delete all route information?

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Re: How can I delete all route information?

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Showing up again may be as a result of the link with Explore.

The synchronisation between Explore and the XT is two way. Put something onto the XT, it will put it into your area on the Garmin Explore personal 'cloud'. Put something onto Explore, it will send it to the XT. It doesn't do it immediately - although you can force it to - it may take a few minutes.

In theory if you delete something from the XT screen it should delete it from the the cloud, but if you shut the XT down before it has chance to communicate, the cloud may send it back to the XT. I don't know precisely how that operates, but I was aware that this might happen - so whenever I've wanted to get rid of stuff from Explore. I've deleted it from Explore. Re-synchronised the XT. Then delete from XT (if anything is left) and re-synchrosise again. Then back to Explore and check that nothing has been put back there.

The Re-synch should sort it, but it might depend on what was put where first.
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