Query - Arriving at the Start Point of a Route

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Re: Query - Arriving at the Start Point of a Route

Post by Peobody »

Oop North John wrote: 03 Nov 2022 19:37 I wonder if it's down to the speed settings for the roads being more aligned with your roads?
The log points appear to be random along roads that I expect would be using the same speed setting. Logically, time and distance would be factors but I sure don't see that.
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Re: Query - Arriving at the Start Point of a Route

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These are all interesting observations. I need to sit down and work through them to fully understand.

@Oop North John 's choosing the end point after cep didn't calculate: I think Cep has problems if you are on the route already or if are not between the start and end or if you cannot draw a line to meet the route at right angles. Not sure about that but I can see how the maths would fail in those circumstances, and I have seen examples of a fail for each of them at least once.

If you then selected the end, the route calculated is plotted 'faster time' to the end and it will not have any intermediate points - shaping or via - so the original intermediate points can't have any affect on that route. I must be misunderstanding something in the description. I'll take a closer look.

@Peobody - USA vs UK XTs. I dont think there is a difference in hardware is there ? I can make mine show ' Saved' instead of 'Favourites' and make it show the helmet reminder simply by changing a setting. Although clearly there are some functions that are switched on or off by different settings.

Bed time now. Off to do some to-ing and fro-ing in the Yorkshire dales near Ribblehead Viaduct tomorrow, see if I can find a method that adjusts the route 'properly'. It takes about 90 minutes to get there plus a coffee stop.
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