Problems transferring route from Basecamp to SatNav

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Re: Problems transferring route from Basecamp to SatNav

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Shirty wrote: 10 Aug 2022 06:48 Presumably using the recalc option once I've completed the planning just confirms that the route is as I intend it?
Yes, that's true, but only in Base Camp!!!!!! Device routing calculating and Base Camp routing calculating behave differently!! When you transfer the route from Base Camp to your device, that device has its own calculation algorithms that are separate and different from Base Camp's. This is the point I'm trying to make- what you see in Base Camp is not necessarily the same thing you are going to see on your device.

This used to drive me crazy with my nuvi, with my 595 and with my XT. The routes that I would see on my device rarely matched what I was looking at in Base Camp, and in Mapsource before that, and in 3 or 4 other routing apps- I could never get them "to work right" on my gps device. It wasn't until I began adding more points so that my device had no choice but to follow the route I was giving it that it actually worked the way people were telling me it could work. Until then, for me, the device was nothing more than a fancy road map.

It takes a little time & practice and for me a lot of patience to learn the differences between Base Camp and device routing and how each differed from the other. I'd make a route in Base Camp and all looked good. I'd transfer it it, import it and view it and rarely did it match what I was looking at on my computer in Base Camp. I was extremely frustrated that it never once worked like people worldwide said it did. Leave your points in and if necessary add more points. I understand the need to "tidy things up" but eventually, like me, the need for correct routing overrides to need to look pretty ;) .
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Re: Problems transferring route from Basecamp to SatNav

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What Russ is saying is correct.

When you send your route from Basecamp, the XT should always reproduce it exactly. If it doesn't then ask that question separately.

The route will alter if your setting allow off-route recalculations. But you can turn that off, in which case it stays exactly as it is.

Unless - the maps are different, or you press skip to miss out a route point, or you allow traffic information to alter your route, or you change the route options or vehicle once the XT has received the route. I spotted behaviour yesterday on my XT that I hadn't seen before, which suggests that Garmin may have improved recalculations in the last few updates.

If you do go off route with auto recalc turned off, then it is up to you to get yourself back to the magenta line. And it helps if the majority of route points are Shaping Points, not Via Points. Keep Via Points for a small number of places that you will definitely ride through -eg lunch stops.

But Russ's preferred method of lacing up the route with plenty of route points is pretty much foolproof.
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Re: Problems transferring route from Basecamp to SatNav

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Again, thanks for the info guys.

I'd nievely assumed a route planned in basecamp would be reproduced, & followed on the device!!

I will add more points in future planning!