Different route data etc

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Re: Different route data etc

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Peobody wrote: 18 Jul 2022 23:59
Stu wrote: 18 Jul 2022 17:04 Jesus! when I go for a ride with my mates and lead I get no bloody suggestions! They think I am god that knows everywhere when in reality I am winging it :lol:
I bet you also take a ribbing over any u-turns regardless whether they were your fault. One of our poor guys will never live down 4 u-turns within an hour as he tried to navigate the group across a small river that had recently flooded and washed out bridges in the area. A number of group members were involved in figuring where to go next at each closed bridge but the leader that day still gets teased about the "u-turn" ride.
I have been lucky so far and not had any major issues :lol: