Bluetooth Connection Config

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Bluetooth Connection Config

Post by AdrianR »

When I listen to music through BT headphones {Samsung buds}, and a navigation direction/alert triggers it cuts out my music and does not resume. I guess i could be expecting something that is not possible, i have tried different config settings but nothing seems to work at the moment.

This is what I have:

Zumo connected to:
Ear buds and phone(for Drive App and Amazon music).

I can obviously play music directly from my phone, but then i wont get the navigation navigation and alerts. I just wondered if there is something i need to untick in either phone or Zumo or both. Or perhaps its not doable, having two BT connections.

Is the only option to put music on my Zumo, how do I do that?
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Re: Bluetooth Connection Config

Post by jfheath »

Welcome to the forums, Adrian

Can I just check before going any further that you have your earbuds paired to the Zumo, and that you can hear sounds generated by the Zumo ( eg button clicks, nav instructions, music)

And once you have that working, you have paired your phone to the Zumo.

A common error is to think that the phone has to be paired to the earbuds.

With the XT at the centre of things, it should stop the music to play nav instructions and then restart it.

I have had less success with music from the phone with the XT. For me the sound would stop and start. If I want music, I use in inbuilt mp3 player on the XT.
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