Screen brightness failing

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Screen brightness failing

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Just returned from 12 days touring Europe and had a repeated issue with my 595. At the start of the trip the screen was fine, I could read it OK in full sunlight. I noticed a few days in , particularly on motorway stretches in full sun, the screen started to flash with random lines flashing right across the screen. Almost like a TV raster scan for those who remember CRT TV's. The unit was fine first thing on a morning but got worse as the day went on. Later in the trip the problem got so bad the screen was almost totally dark and unreadable. I actually stopped at one point to check the screen brightness had not adjusted itself. In settings the screen was set to 100% and you could still adjust the brightness down so the screen disappeared altogether and back to 100%. Although back up to 100% it was still too dark to read. If it was an LCD screen I would have guesses the back light had failed. Its not a power issue, I'm sat with the unit in my hand now running on battery and can see it fine. The days on the trip were hot (40C) so was wondering if anyone else has had this issue particularly in a hot environment? Once the screen had started playing up even switching it off and back on did not help. It needed to be left for a few hours. Its funny how these units have an inbuilt ability to work perfectly until you really need them.

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