Can not delete previous routes transferred

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Re: Can not delete previous routes transferred

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With the XT attached to the computer by usb cable, and with a file explorer, find the gpx folder in internal storage.

Delete temp.gpx, current.gpx and any other gpx file that is in there -



CurrentTrackLog contains your current track log history
Position.gpx: contains your the location where you last turned off the XT. Without this it takes the XT much longer to find the correct satellites.
temp.gpx: contains the routes, tracks, saved waypoints that were last transferred from Basecamp
Current.gpx: contains the routes that have been imported to the XT

Any other gpx files: may be routes that have been put on their by other programs; by sharing routes between two Zumos; by sending a route via email and Garmin Drive.......
There is no way to get rid of these from the GPX folder, other than using a file explorer on your pc.

It doesn't sound like a faulty unit to me. But what do I know ?

When you have done that, disconnect and let it restart. Then power it off with a long press of the power button and confirm that you want it to shut down. Wait a few seconds and then start it up.
Some of the deleted files will reappear, but that is ok - they are needed by the system, but new 'empty' files are created ready for the XT TO use.

Please report back.
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Re: Can not delete previous routes transferred

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jaywitherspoon wrote: 27 May 2022 21:19 Well... I opened a ticket with Garmin and evidently it is a problem with my GPS...

"Unfortunately, If you are unable to delete the route by deleting the contents of the Trips folder and the temp.gpx in the GPX folder, the device would need to be exchanged. Please reply with the serial number so we can verify the cost of doing so."

Thanks for all the attempts to help.

That advice is simply wrong. As posted above you need to delete any .gpx file in the GPX folder, not just temp.gpx, both in the folder on your device and on the card. You can if you wish keep the files mentioned above. Then disconnect from your PC and using the menus on your Zumo delete any data you want to permanently remove. It will then be gone.