Move routepoint leaves relic wiggle in route

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Re: Move routepoint leaves relic wiggle in route

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P.S. for the context of all this, here goes:
-- see @jfheath 's tips in post #2 here for cleaning up the route
-- you are stepping through the points as he describes to QA the route: route detail window open, center map box checked for easier click-through
-- you find a point off the route that needs adjustment. Like the first image I posted. Usually there straight off to the side, in this one it's not, but oh well.
-- most of the time, when I miss one, the move point works and the re-calc cleans up the route. But the second image shows the rare-ish outcome where the moved point is back ON the road but a relic off-route wiggle is still there.

In my experience, it is not uncommon to wind up dropping a point on a POI. It usually doesn't matter and the move point adjustment works fine, whether it was a point in space or it poached a POI. However, on those rare occasions when I get a relic wiggle, it is almost always on a point/POI rather than just a point in space.
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Re: Move routepoint leaves relic wiggle in route

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BigBird wrote: 24 May 2022 15:54 See page 1 of this PDF for an example of a relic wiggle.!Am5GnNzOpxmXpbo0IpQ ... A?e=fNFeeO

The delete & re-create method is the only way I've managed to get around it.

BTW, I don't see how to upload images to this forum, and links aren't great either.
This pic describes exactly what I see.
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