Zumo 66? and Audible Books

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Zumo 66? and Audible Books

Post by carolinarider09 »

I have been listening to Audible Books on my Garmin GPS devices for a long long time.

Just recently (a year or so ago) Audible dropped support for the program that was used to "manage" the audible books on the device. You would down load to the Audible Manager program and upload to the device that was approved/connected.

Now, you can download the Audible books directly to your device in the "Audible" folder and listen. It works and the only thing missing is the way the Chapters worked but that seems to be ok.

Anyway, when I look at my devices Audible Book player it shows five or six books that I cannot find on my device.

I am using a MacBook so I tried the "show the invisible files" thingy and did not see the books. The books are there in memory because I can play them. The reason I want to delete them is I forget (I am getting older) if I have listened to to a book or not.

Any thoughts on how I might find the book/audible files and remove them from the system?


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