Duplicate maps on 396

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Re: Duplicate maps on 396

Post by lkraus »

Thank you, John! I did not realize I could see the filename for a map in Basecamp until tonight.

It has been hard to sort out which .img file goes with which map because "D4919240A.img" is not very descriptive. I have found that I can look at the .img file in a good text editor and find the name of the map. This is from the CN NA NT 2023.10 Foursquare map:

A few things I've discovered:
  • Windows Notepad cannot handle files as large as a map file.
  • Notepad++ is free, and has many other uses. It's claimed that it is limited to files of 2.5Gb, but I was able to read the name of the CN NT NA map which is about 4 Gb in size. You might be limited by your system memory. https://notepad-plus-plus.org/
  • Turn on Word Wrap in your editor
  • My XT has no Mass Storage mode, so the Zumo has no drive letter, and I cannot load the map directly to the editor. Use File Explorer to copy the file to the PC, and then load it from there.
I'm wondering if the recent version(s) of Express have a bug. There is an XT owner reporting a similar problem.
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Re: Duplicate maps on 396

Post by sussamb »

You can use JaVaWa Device manager to look at the map details etc on your device and sd card. It's a program that along with his GMTK program I wouldn't be without.
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Re: Duplicate maps on 396

Post by jfheath »

No the XT has no Mass Storage mode. It has a facility in the menu for showing the .System file.

The original query was for a 396 which does have Mass Storage.

It is possible that a previous update didn't clear things out properly, rather than a current issue with Express.

If getting rid of old img files, dont forget to clear out the gma and unl files with the same name. Maybe sid files too, but I don't know what they are.

As always make a copy before deleting them for good.
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