Which one is your favorite and most convenient?

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Re: Which one is your favorite and most convenient?

Post by Rofor »

Basecamp 'offline' for pre-planned routes and 'Kurviger.de' 'online' for changes while on tour or on holidays with the bike...

My personal opinion: Only a program or a website, which supports Garmins different sorts of Waypoints (Waypoints, Shapingpoints & Viapoints) makes real sense with the Garmin Zumo XT!
Bye, Robert :)
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Re: Which one is your favorite and most convenient?

Post by BrAtKo »

@Rofor wow thanks THIS ONE seems great https://kurviger.de/en and the year subsciption is only 9,90EUR, nice one :idea:

Update: I've tested some exports, especially format Garmin ShapingPoint GPX with Export waypoint names & Export shaping points options, you can change the WPT to ViaPoint or ShapingPoint on the map as well. Cool ! I've paid for a year already for such a better options to plan the routes and much faster.

Edit: you can import all your POIs into Kurviger and it remains some basic icons (only fews offered by portal), limit is 300 POIs per category
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