Hello from near Garmin Headquarters

Feel free to join up and say hello here.
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Hello from near Garmin Headquarters

Post by AbandonedTrack »

Yes, I live in Olathe, Kansas, home of Garmin. I have been using Garmin equipment off and on for many years, always frustrated with their equipment/software and support like many others, going back and forth between a dedicated GPS and cell phone GPS mapping.

Mr. John Heath, I do not know your background, but the work you have done helping users, especially for the Zumo XT is simply amazing. I think I finally get the various Garmin terminology and can understand how to piece things together. Please promise to continue guiding us lost souls for at least another 10 years (my current remaining horizon for M/C riding).
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Re: Hello from near Garmin Headquarters

Post by jfheath »

Many thanks for those kind words @AbandonedTrack .

There are a few things that I haven't fully worked out yet. Eg - what 'Faster Time' actually means, and exactly how a track behaves when the XT has converted it to a 'trip'. I came across another aspect of that yesterday when I loaded a route that I created using the Explore website. But a while back I thougt it was more help to others in the state that it is in, rather than waiting for me to cover everything.

As for another 10 years ? I doubt it somehow. I reckon this stuff is keeping my brain active, but the bike is getting heavier, our 'riding days' are getting shorter, and I'm getting close to making a pair of tyres last for a year - which is unheard of.
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