Planning with BC for Zumo 660 works?

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Gidi Ferder
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Planning with BC for Zumo 660 works?

Post by Gidi Ferder »

Hi everyone!
Only after I bought my 660 in 2014 I realized it does not work well with BaseCamp, which to my understanding was Garmin's latest Version of Route planer. So I resorted to MapSource that worked for me until this week. Apparently the last update made by windows in my computer was too much for MapSource (that wasn't updated for years).
Now the program is crashing after the 4th point with the route tool.
Does anyone here have practical experience navigating with the 660 in Europe using routes that were planned with BaseCamp?
I have the latest updated Garmin maps (which are not really updated if you ask me) both on my computer and my devise.

Please help! I am running a few groups in Europe this spring.... Can't do it without my Zumo...
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Re: Planning with BC for Zumo 660 works?

Post by jfheath »

Basecamp uses features in route planning that the 660 doesn't support. Garmin used to recommend Basecamp for the 660, but as it developed, it caused problems. So mapsource is the mapping software of choice.

You could try re-installing Mapsource. My copy is working. I don't use it often, but it has never thrown any problems when I do.

Save your routes first if you are able. ... jsp?id=209

Today, I discovered something really important. I found another way that doesn't work.
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Re: Planning with BC for Zumo 660 works?

Post by Les »

Just to add, I use Mapsource on a regular basis, and it works very well, both with my Zumo 660, and a Garmin Camper satnav (a Nuvi unit), as stated try reinstalling the program.