Two music questions

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Re: Two music questions

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I can't think what is different then @Richard_R

But as you say, you can do everything that you want, so it is no problem. Just odd that two XTs behave in different ways.
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Re: Two music questions

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shealbi wrote: 06 Jan 2022 14:32 However, if i wait to start the music the first time on my xt, it only plays on the xt speaker.
I have had that with both my Sena headsets. You need to go into the XT to the wifi/bluetooth settings and make sure the "Media Audio" box is ticked for your headset. By default neither of my Senas were but once I ticked the box for each they both work fine.

shealbi wrote: 06 Jan 2022 14:32 .and for an occasional, "tell me a joke"
I find that the Google home mini lady has a much better sense of humour than Siri on my phone. :D